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WWF Champion Wine Guide App

March 22, 2018

WWF Champion Wine Guide App

Explore Conservation Champion wine farms with WWF’s new app

Do you consider your eco-footprint and a wine farm’s responsible tourism commitments when planning your adventures in the Cape winelands? WWF is proud to introduce a free mobile app that helps users to explore Conservation Champion wine farms, including Hidden Valley Wines.

The Champion Wine Farm Guide is a GPS-enabled Android or iOS app featuring all 39 Conservation Champion wine farms which have earned the WWF South Africa “sugarbird” seal of approval.

Among the app’s key features are:

 A “Near me now’’ button which tells you how far it is to the closest eco-friendly wine farm
 An indication of which outdoor activities are available including mountain bike and hiking trails
 Special offers and on-farm promotions

Having this information at your fingertips, means you will have an easy time planning a day trip or weekend away while keeping it green. Wine lovers can use this guide to discover nature at its finest –from fynbos walking trails and cycling tracks to seasonal menus at scenic restaurants and special places to relax.

To download the app go to www.championwineguide.co.za or visit your app store.

Why choose a Conservation Champion wine farm?

When pouring that glass of wine, most people don’t realise that the land cleared to grow our food - and grapes - has the largest impact on the indigenous insects, plants and animals that used to live harmoniously in these landscapes.

Compounding this is that in South Africa over 80% of land is either privately owned or communal farmland. This means that cropland and natural vegetation compete for co-existence.

Conservation Champions are wine farms that WWF-SA acknowledges as environmental leaders for their commitment to conservation, responsible production practices, integrated environmental management systems, and spearheading innovations in water, energy efficiency and climate adaptation.

For more info on the 39 Conservation Champions see wwf.org.za/conservationchampions

Conservation is very important to us at Hidden Valley Wines, and we live the philosophy of “Working with nature”.
To read more about conservation at Hidden Valley Wines, visit https://www.hiddenvalleywines.co.za/pages/conservation

We invite you to explore the GEMS and discover the SECRETS among the TREASURES found in our hidden valley!

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